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Karabo Legwaila - CG Artist/Filmmaker
131 Valenti Country Estates
Oneida, NY 13421
(315) 527-6363

I'm currently working as the Dynamics Specialist at Four Directions Productions in Vernon, NY. I work mainly on all the technical work that needs to be done such as cloth simulation, water simulation, character rigging, hair simulation and MEL scripting. I do also work on modeling, scuplting, texturing, lighting, cinematography, rendering, voice recording and scriptwriting.

I work mainly with Maya for my 3D work although I use 3D Studio Max for modeling in some cases. I also use Mudbox, RealFlow, Shave n' a Haircut, Photoshop, After Effects, Toxic and Shake.

Thokolosi now available for viewing.
My Thesis film "Thokolosi" is now available to watch. All work on this film was done by me except sound recording.
Click the image below to watch.

This film is copyright 2008 Karabo Legwaila. All Rights Reseved.

Current W.I.P - Fokker d23 fighter plane.
Currently I'm working on a high resolution model of a Fokker d23 fighter plane over at the CGTalk forums. You can check out the progress here.

Current W.I.P - Dragon Rider

Copyright 2010 Karabo Legwaila. All rights reserved.